Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2016

May MH Month logo​May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Community Partners, Inc. joins organizations across the country in celebrating mental health wellness and recovery.
For over 65 years, May has been dedicated to the collective efforts that emphasize the importance of mental health, stigma reduction, and living in recovery.

Here at Community Partners. Inc. (CPI), we can do our part in observing May as Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing ongoing communications around mental health topics. Announcements will be posted weekly throughout this month to keep staff and our community informed on mental health-related information.  Click below to subscribe to CPI’s Mental Health News.  Articles are compiled and emailed each weekday to anyone who wants to stay connected.

Subscribe to Mental Health News

This year, Mental Health America has designated the Mental Health Month theme as “Life with a Mental Illness.”  We gain strength and knowledge through the art of communicating, so we encourage everyone to share their stories, challenges, and successes.

Everyone can contribute to this month’s awareness efforts, including:

  • Learning about ways to improve your own personal health
  • Doing something each day of May to work on wellness
  • Spreading the word that May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Neal Cash

President and Chief Executive Officer

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