Home and Community Based Services

Community Partnership Care Coordination’s Home and Community Based Program is a unique blend of specialty services delivered in an enhanced community approach.

CPCC understands that individuals with significant to severe mental health concerns need an array of services, provided to them in their own environment. In this model, a multi-disciplinary team is in regular contact with each individual, eliminating issues such as transportation that can block access to care.

The team prioritizes the most vital needs of individuals seeking behavioral health treatment, using a Housing First approach to promote the individual’s security, health and safety. The majority of treatment is provided in the community, beyond standard office hours, as needed by the individual.

We offer some of our programs to individuals with serious mental illness who are members with Cenpatico Integrated Care, the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Southern Arizona. These programs include ACT teams and Housing programs.

Other community-based services are offered for commercial health plans, and are based primarily in nursing home and other community living settings for individuals with Medicare and/or Arizona Long-term Care Program (ALTCS).