Medicare / ALTCS Programs

Community Partnership Care Coordination delivers placement preservation and hospital diversion services to help adult members in Medicare and/or the Arizona Long-term Care program continue living in a skilled nursing facility or assisted-living facility on a long-term basis.

Stable living situations are critical for health and well-being. However, challenging behaviors or behavioral health conditions can escalate beyond the capacity of the facility, triggering a need for more-intensive services and living arrangements.

Our program utilizes a team approach to first analyze the underlying behaviors and then train facility staff and family members to quickly recognize and respond to the need. At the same time, our clinicians work with the member to provide the necessary support and clinical services.

This program combines evidence-based practices such as Behavioral Interventions, which have been proven successful and are endorsed by federal mental-health agencies, with case management and other services.

Other services include case management, individual and family counseling, support and life skills training, depending on the member’s needs.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact CPCC at (520) 901-4800.