Court Related Services

Community Partnership Care Coordination accepts referrals from local courts for services that help individuals complete their probation requirements. Our service models have been reviewed and approved by Pima County as meeting all standards to enable successful probation completion.

Experience that matters

Through our sister company, Community Partnership of Southern Arizona, we have worked closely with the criminal justice system since 1999 and currently provide substance abuse treatment for the Drug Treatment Alternative Program (DTAP). As a result, we have unique insight and knowledge that benefits our clients.

Our staff members are trained, experienced, licensed and ready to help members work toward their probation requirements. As appropriate, we provide regular communication with probation officers (PO) and other entities involved with court-related care, and submit monthly progress reports to the PO.

Our staff is able to provide services addressing a range of issues, including DUI, domestic violence and substance abuse, at one convenient, midtown-Tucson location.

Our court-related services include:

  • Domestic violence classes, for men or women.
  • “Seeking Safety” DUI treatment groups that are particularly suited for individuals who have experienced trauma.
  • Standard outpatient substance abuse treatment.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment for individuals with long-term alcohol and/or other substance abuse issues.
  • Lapse/relapse prevention sessions: one 90-minute group session per week for eight weeks aimed at supporting members in reaching and maintaining their treatment goals.
  • Individual and/or couples/family counseling sessions.

For your convenience, we offer these services during the day or in the evening. We also have staff members who are fluent in American Sign Language and familiar with deaf culture.

Court-related services are available on a self-pay basis and are not covered by health insurance.

For more information, or to request services, please call CPCC at (520) 901-4800 during regular clinic hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

You may also submit an inquiry via our contact us form.