Services for veterans and their families

mvrn-badge-hCommunity Partnership Care Coordination offers services specially tailored to veterans and their families. As such, we’ve been approved as a Military/Veteran Resource Network Partner Organization by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families.

People who serve in the military face unique challenges, both while deployed and at home. We understand the strengths and potential challenges inherent in military culture, including the need to readjust to civilian life. We also understand the effects of separation from loved ones during multiple and/or extended deployments, which can shift family dynamics and relationships and further complicate readjustment.

Some of our staff are trained in and understand the importance and magnitude of military stressors. We emphasize a non-threatening environment with treatment approaches designed to meet the needs and understand the perspectives of all members of military families.

We offer individual, couples, group and family therapy that addresses these and other issues, at our convenient midtown location, which is less than 3 miles from Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

We are a TRICARE-contracted service provider and also accept other insurance plans.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact CPCC at (520) 901-4800 or