Housing Services

Community Partnership Care Coordination (CPCC) provides housing and support services for individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) and their families, through three programs.

All share the national Housing First model of ensuring our clients have safe, stable living environments that create a strong foundation for their recovery. Through its subsidiaries, Community Partners has provided housing and related services in southern Arizona for 20 years.

Our specially trained housing team helps our members find and obtain appropriate housing, provides education on household management and rental payment, and coordinates with our clinical team who can provide support services.

Rental Assistance

CPCC receives funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Cenpatico Integrated Health, the Regional Behavioral Health Authority in southern Arizona, to provide rental assistance to individuals with SMI and their families, so they can continue living in safe and stable housing.

Support and Rehabilitation Services

Our staff provides wraparound support and rehabilitation services to individuals and families in our rental assistance program. These services can help members maintain their housing through training in living skills, support from peers, supported employment and other rehabilitation services. These services can be provided at the members’ homes.

Housing Units

Community Partners Inc., through its subsidiary Mental Health Resources Inc., owns more than 150 housing units in southern Arizona. We have both apartment complexes and “scattered site” housing in neighborhoods across the community.

These housing units are primarily for people with SMI and their families.

We also own and manage an apartment complex, Sonrisa Apartments, specifically designed for young adults ages 18 to 24 who have a diagnosis of SMI.

How to Request Housing Services

To qualify for housing services individuals must be diagnosed with SMI.

Contact Cenpatico Integrated Care for more information about SMI diagnoses or to request housing assistance. Cenpatico Integrated Care can direct the client or provider through the referral process to our specialty agency (CPCC).

Cenpatico Member Services: (866) 495-6738 or TTY/TDD at (877) 613-2076.

Other questions about housing services? Please call CPCC at (520) 618-8810.


This program receives funding from Cenpatico Integrated Care.