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Since 2009, we have trained more than 4,000 people how to recognize and assist someone experiencing a crisis due to mental illness and/or substance use.

Community Partners Consulting & Training has decades of proven experience in healthcare consultation and training, including evidence-based practices and systems design. We have a unique understanding of all aspects of mental healthcare, substance use and crisis recovery.

Here are some of our proven consulting and training offerings:

  • Behavioral healthcare organization and system development
  • Crisis stabilization services and development planning
  • Mental health and healthcare management training

We created one of the best crisis care systems in Southern Arizona and proudly share this expertise with other organizations, as they work to build their crisis development plans. Here are a couple of our notable consulting engagements:

  • Community Partners was selected by the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners in New Mexico to design a comprehensive crisis system of care for the greater Albuquerque area and surrounding communities. With the passing of a sales tax to fund this transformation in 2015, Community Partners spent several months meeting with and listening to their community leaders, providers and families to prepare a strategic behavioral health business plan for the development of a crisis system in December. This plan was presented to the Board of Commissioners in January 2016 and is in the process of being implemented by Bernalillo County.  
  • In 2017, Community Partners was sought out by the Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center to assess and develop a strategic plan for a more streamlined, cohesive system of care in rural areas. Similar to the work in New Mexico, Community Partners spent time with community leaders and developed a business plan to meet their immediate needs for addressing individuals in crisis. This plan was presented to the Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center in early December 2017.

We offer the support you need to positively impact your organization and community. Community Partners Consulting & Training is your first and best choice for consulting and training packages tailored to your mission, budget and services.