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Our Story

Founded and based in Tucson, Community Partners built a comprehensive behavioral healthcare system that has served Pima County for more than 20 years and Southeastern Arizona for 15 years, and counting. Our driving principle is Caring for All of You.

As the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) administering public funds and services, our organization (then Community Partnership of Southern Arizona) transformed hundreds of thousands of lives through the caring and careful management of services delivered through partnerships and alliances. We have always emphasized collaboration, innovation, outreach and reinvestment to create a service network that continues to benefit Arizona residents.

In addition to ensuring our members’ access to comprehensive care for mental health and substance use disorders, we supported a range of other local efforts to foster recovery, improve lives and contribute to the greater good. Our work includes development of the Crisis Response Center, partnerships with the criminal justice system, acquisition and oversight of the largest stock of supportive housing in the area, and community-education initiatives to help non-professionals recognize and intervene when someone shows signs of a mental health or substance use crisis.

We believe in:

  • Whole Health Focused Treatment Planning
  • Individualized Care for Multi-Dimensional Wellness
  • Investing in Population Health and Housing Stability

This experience has given us a unique organizational perspective on integrated healthcare and healthcare management. Community Partners also has expanded its scope through subsidiaries that provide food and environmental (housekeeping) services for businesses, consulting and training programs for organizations seeking healthcare insights, and an expanding housing assistance business offering wrap-around behavioral healthcare support.

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with a range of organizations, entities and individuals to improve the lives of Medicaid members diagnosed with mental health and/or substance use disorders. Many visionary Arizonans worked with us to create innovative programs informed by a belief in recovery, the importance and potential benefits of member and family participation, and the need for systems to effectively and efficiently serve the community to make the best use of taxpayer dollars.