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Behavioral Health & Crisis Systems Design

Community Partners Consulting & Training offers a complete suite of consulting services tailored to your behavioral health or social service organization. Our team of experts can offer you cost savings and effective, practical solutions that help your staff to:

  • Learn new insights for top-notch service delivery
  • Determine what types of services and practices are a good fit
  • Uncover new information to aid in effective planning

We have built a state-of-the-art crisis system for behavioral health from the ground up, which means Community Partners Consulting & Training can share our experience with funding, designing, building and then operating crisis stabilization facilities.

We are committed to meeting your distinctive needs by focusing on overall system strategy and sufficiency, as well as clinical service improvements and best practices in crisis care. We can help you design your physical space to maximize flow for consumers and staff, and ensure optimal convenience for law enforcement and other crisis stakeholders.

Our consulting services typically include:

  • A review of current conditions, funding streams and utilization data
  • Information gathering from partners and stakeholders
  • Identification of infrastructure and operational needs
  • Collaboration with you to create a crisis stabilization development plan

We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization.