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We are thrilled to announce that our very own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christian Moher, has been named 2018 Doc of Year by the National Council for Behavioral Health!

Dr.  Moher is a groundbreaking entrepreneur and exceptional family doctor. He was pivotal in the development of our integrated care model, working diligently with a panel of physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, case managers, nutritionists and peer support experts. The result is a truly comprehensive healthcare program for all ages and backgrounds.

Dr. Moher was instrumental in helping to expand 1 clinic into multiple locations with close to 11,000 members. He was personally involved in creating Community Partners’ integrated health records and service model, including: primary care, pharmacy, behavioral health, case management, housing assistance, recovery services, nutrition education, tobacco cessation, health screenings and lab services.

A key issue on the national stage is the opioid crisis. Dr. Moher went above and beyond with his opioid reduction program, addressing a high level of opiate prescriptions and member dependency. After surveying members, he realized that the medical team, including himself as a prescriber, needed to make a decisive change.

Using the electronic health record and online pharmacy database, he identified members on a more than 120mg morphine-equivalent dosage per day, and implemented a program to reduce usage or transition off entirely. Dr. Moher leveraged his entire integrated team to support these members. In approximately 6 months, over 70 percent of these members (some having been taking opiods for 10 years) decreased to a safer level and some were weaned from opiates entirely.

Dr. Moher presented this program to Medical Group Management Association and SAMHSA, with notable acclaim. His expertise also garnered national attention for peer support and nine-week wellness programs. He spoke on this model of care to Cenpatico and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care. He has also helped to co-facilitate a national SAMHSA webinar on the role of peer support in an integrated setting.

With the evolution of the new Community Partners Integrated Healthcare group, Dr. Moher will continue to help create exciting treatment opportunities, enabling his staff to offer comprehensive, quality care to individuals and families statewide.

We could not be more proud of Dr. Moher or excited by this prestigious honor!